Outlook taking too long to load?

Then disable or remove unused add-ins. Over the years, sneaky programs that you’ve installed may have not only installed their Microsoft Outlook Add-In, but also enabled it so that every time you load Outlook or even as you have it open all day, it’s there impeding performance by running, checking for updates, communicating with the mothership, etc. Multiply that by 10 or 20 Add-Ins and you have Outlook taking 30 seconds to load in the morning and 10 seconds to open your “Hot Asian Girls Want To Meet YOU!!!!!” emails when you click on them.

Do it now:

  1. Click File/Options/Add-Ins
  2. Manage COM Add-Ins in the drop-down at the bottom left of the page, click Go
  3. Uncheck to disable or select an Add-In and click Remove

Try it out – close Outlook and re-open. Bet it’s faster! You’re welcome!

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